OWL BOX: Surface Design

Texture & Materials

  • Customer: Roctool - HD Plastics brand
  • Objective: Create new visual texture for premium looks
  • When: 2018


Roctool's induction-based molding technology allows all types of resins
to become perfectly liquid, with no frozen layer in contact with the
mold surface. It can replicate 98% of the mold or insert surface. Thanks
to this, it is possible to maximize the potential that laser-etched
nanostructures can bring to surface design.

Among the textures I researched with a partner laser company, there are two that are disruptive and innovative: One is a texture done with laser-etched
Femto-level tubes, which traps the light like a black hole. With this,
the true resin color can be appreciated, with no parasitic reflects.

For example, the black is incredibly deep and 100% black with no
reflects at all. The other texture is a "living" texture that changes
with the angle of the light, from glossy to the grained surface,
transforming the same piece in two different ones.

If you wish to know more about its process, I wrote about it in this two-parts Linkedin article.