Le Boitierrr: Recyclable & customisable pack

product & transport

For PVL Beauté in 2019

Main problems of cosmetic packaging: 

  • Not separable in each part (so where no plastics bin parts or anything else).
  • Why throw away when you can reuse it? So it grows old with you.
  • Make-up should be able to offer a customisation option. One of the main consumer trends to come.

These where the questions that PVL asked me when they wanted to have a sustainable design. So I designed an eternal make-up packaging with fully interchangeable and separable parts. Intuitive to use like a lego. Mixing Zamak, for luxury metallic finish and longtime resistance, with biological termoplastics (linen & wax) as a support for different decorative layers.

The best waste is the one which does not exist and this design adheres to this principle.