Roctool Colection Catalogue



  • Customer: Roctool
  • Project type: cmf, branding, graphic
  • When: 2018


Roctool's induction technology allows to mold any type of materials, from the most delicate till the most rigid. Thanks to its precise pressure control and high temperature with fast cycle times. This catalog wanted to show all the different materials tested and classified by collections, as a fashion one. So Roctool's customer could consult it, to find the material that best suits their needs with the ease of mind that it was thoroughly validated. Six universe of materials with their history were created:

  • Luxury: high-end materials, with a mix of metals and superb finishes
  • Tech: Visually attractive materials with some astounding technical properties, that makes them even more unique.
  • Eco-friendly: petrol free, no contaminant, sustainable, upcycling, etc
  • Natural: Zen inspiration, with noble and earthly materials (stone, wood, sand, etc)
  • Couture: Inspired by fashion, a curated selection of pret-à-porter fabrics (tweeds, silks etc).